„American Summer Dream“ mit der Jenaer Philharmonie
20.06. - 21.06.2014 // 21:00 Uhr // Vorstellung am 20. Juni ausverkauft.  

Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) is renowned the world over as an outstanding conductor, charismatic musical intermediary and inspired composer. In his works he creates a synthesis of classical tradition and vibrant modernity, always tonal and combining classical structures with rhythmic elements from jazz, South American dance and the popular music of the beat and hippie generations. His most popular melodies have been selected for the “American Summer Dream” of the ArenaOuvertüre 2014, starting with the rousing overture from the musical “Candide”, followed by the dance sequences from “Fancy Free” and “On the Town”. It goes without saying that excerpts from his international hit, “West Side Story”, will also be on the programme.

Conductor and host: Marc Tardue

König Ubu von Alfred Jarry
10.07. - 13.07.2014 // 21:30 Uhr  
Nils Landgren Funk Unit
Mittwoch, 16.07.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

Nils Landgren is not only among Europe’s best jazz trombonists; in countless formations down the decades he has been one of the most creative sources of driving instrumental music spanning funk, jazz, rock and hip-hop. Especially with his Funk Unit, he’s been wowing audiences for twenty years with a groove which is hard to resist.

Donnerstag, 17.07.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

Travis have been making their mark on the music scene for decades. They refined Britpop, inspired bands from Keane to Coldplay and sold millions of albums worldwide. After a break of some years, they ventured a comeback with “Where You Stand”. With their own brand of melodic pop, driven by guitar and piano and carried by Fran Healy’s soft vocals and lyrical texts, this is a singer-songwriter album in the truest sense of the word.

Angélique Kidjo
Freitag, 18.07.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

For years now Angelique Kidjo from Benin has given the world of jazz and pop one of its most formative voices. The secret of her musical youthfulness is her collaboration with fellow musicians. Whether it’s Branford Marsalis or Rostam Batmanglij, Cassandra Wilson or Aşa, Kidjo is always bang up to date and churning out new, exciting songs. Her new album “Eve” is dedicated to the women of West Africa and shows Kidjo’s music has a political voice, too.

Fat Freddy's Drop
Samstag, 19.07.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

The laid-back big-band sound of the New Zealand combo around singer Joe Dukie teeters between the extremes of meditation and hot dance vibes. On tour, the seven New Zealanders really come into their own – their powerful reggae-funk-dub-soul mix is as sweat-inducing as it is accomplished, and almost every concert sees the birth of a totally new song.

kulturarena club im kassablanca: Rakede
Samstag, 19.07.2014 // 23:30 Uhr  

Hamburg’s electro rappers, Rakede, were simply made for hot club-style nights at summer festivals. Their long-awaited eponymous debut album was released just recently. It’s impossible to categorise this unorthodox blend of rasping electro rap and German pop infused with reggae, but their own brand of euphoria stops any talk of pigeonholes in its tracks.

STÜBAphilharmonie // Der wunderbare Zauberer von Oz
Sonntag, 20.07.2014 // 11:00 Uhr  
Grand Budapest Hotel
Sonntag, 20.07.2014 // 21:30 Uhr  
Der Medicus
Montag, 21.07.2014 // 21:30 Uhr  
Fack ju Göhte
Dienstag, 22.07.2014 // 21:30 Uhr  
Mayra Andrade
Mittwoch, 23.07.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

Considered a musical ambassador for her home country, Cape Verde, Mayra Andrade’s upbeat brand of pop, based on Cape Verdean as well as African and Brazilian sounds, took the world by storm some years ago. The cornerstone of her music is her incomparably smooth voice which she applies in four languages on her latest album “Lovely Difficult” to sing of love and longing.

John Grant
Donnerstag, 24.07.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

Starting in the days with his band The Czars, John Grant’s voice has rated as one of the most touching and penetrating in the music business. Grant’s lyrics are no less impressive. Whereas in the past his trademark was dream-like folk-pop delivered almost in slow motion, his new album, with Biggi Veira von GusGus, resonates to a vigorous, pulsating electronic beat. Grant’s new sound is like his adoptive country, Iceland: wild and beautiful.

Rainald Grebe & Das Orchester der Versöhnung
Freitag, 25.07.2014 // 20:00 Uhr // Ausverkauft!  

For this year’s KulturArena, Rainald Grebe is returning to play on the very same stage he often trod as an actor. Today, he is one of the most successful musical cabaret artists in Germany and for ten years now has been writing the most beautiful, tragic, bittersweet songs in the German-speaking world. He is accompanied once again by his fantastic big band, the Orchester der Versöhnung.

Mighty Oaks
Samstag, 26.07.2014 // 20:00 Uhr // Ausverkauft!  

Mighty Oaks are currently one of the most in-demand acts to sprout up on the Berlin music scene. With just a pared-down instrumental line-up of guitar, mandolin and bass, the three musicians from the USA, Italy and England conjure up lyrical, romantic indie folk, over which they superimpose layers of elaborate, laid-back and complex three-part vocals. The perfect accompaniment to a clear summer night.

Wunder Circus Wonderländ
Sonntag, 27.07.2014 // 11:00 Uhr  
ArenAkustik im Volksbad: Raul Midón
Sonntag, 27.07.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

Raul Midón is an old-school singer-songwriter – a true poet whose striking voice and highly accomplished guitar skills make him the ideal person to interpret his own songs. He fills these with Latino sounds interwoven with classic soul, blues and funk elements to produce the kind of earworm not heard since Stevie Wonder in his heyday.

American Hustle
Sonntag, 27.07.2014 // 21:30 Uhr  
Der Hundertjährige, der aus dem Fenster stieg und verschwand
Montag, 28.07.2014 // 21:30 Uhr  
Blue Jasmine
Dienstag, 29.07.2014 // 21:30 Uhr  
Roberto Fonseca & Fatoumata Diawara
Mittwoch, 30.07.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

A transatlantic meeting between Malian singer Fatoumata Diawara and Cuban pianist Roberto Fonseca.

In their native countries, Fatoumata Diawara from Mali and Roberto Fonseca from Cuba are considered major reformers of their respective musical heritage. Both have managed very successfully to tour the world with their own vibrant experimental sounds. Now, the historically close ties between the West African and Cuban traditions have united to create a new sound.

Wallis Bird
Donnerstag, 31.07.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

With her Irish temperament and melodic guitar folk, this bubbly lady took the whole of Europe by storm some years ago. Then only in her mid-twenties, she could still pass for a newcomer today – and that with four albums under her belt! Her energy-packed performances are legendary and she fuses her guitar sound with deep R&B, superimposed on a metallic electro base.

Bosse // Kraniche Tour 2014
Freitag, 01.08.2014 // 20:00 Uhr // Ausverkauft!  

In the German pop fraternity, Axel Bosse and his band have been hogging the limelight for the last ten years. With a swelling guitar sound, rock beats and lyrical texts, the Hamburg-based band has well and truly earned a place among Germany’s musical elite. Catchy, emotional texts are their speciality – the kind which get hundreds of thousands of fans humming to themselves. In the same vein, the songs from the current album, “Kraniche” are just as full of life.

kulturarena club im kassablanca: Andreas Dorau
Freitag, 01.08.2014 // 23:30 Uhr  

Andreas Dorau rates as German subculture’s “eternal child”. At 16 he sang “Fred vom Jupiter”, one of the biggest “Neue Deutsche Welle” hits; apart from that, he evidently couldn’t care less about landing a major chart success. He’d much rather get together with colleagues to produce collections of wonderfully cunning yet fanciful songs, pitched somewhere between bubblegum pop and flower punk.

Patti Smith and her band
Samstag, 02.08.2014 // 20:00 Uhr // Ausverkauft!  

Patti Smith is a legend. She is one precisely because she has always consistently refused legend status, wanting simply to produce art. As a rock poet she has inspired generations of musicians and political activists since the 1970s and still sends shivers down the spines of her concert audiences. Patti Smith lives her great ideals; that’s all you need to know. And that on its own is infinitely precious.

Reggaehase Boooo // Boooo und der König, der nicht mehr tanzen konnte oder wollte
Sonntag, 03.08.2014 // 11:00 Uhr  
Sonntag, 03.08.2014 // 21:00 Uhr  
Stromberg: Der Film
Montag, 04.08.2014 // 21:00 Uhr  
12 Years a Slave
Dienstag, 05.08.2014 // 21:00 Uhr  
China Moses & Raphaël Lemonnier
Mittwoch, 06.08.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

China Moses is considered one of the most inquisitive singers on the R & B scene; Raphaël Lemonnier is, in turn, one of the most experienced jazz pianists. Years ago, they explored the music of Dinah Washington together; today they have unearthed an entire collection of works by female blues artists. Among these are many songs which have made musical as well as political history. And, thanks to Moses and Lemmonier, they also get you dancing.

Anna Calvi
Donnerstag, 07.08.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

It took Anna Calvi a while to find her voice, having first discovered the electric guitar. She was in her mid-twenties when she finally succeeded. And what a find it was: blessed with the dramatic timbre of an opera singer and the rough and ready power of a Patti Smith, she took command of the stage, immediately sweeping each of her listeners along in her wake. With what is now her second album, she manages to create something only few others are capable of: profound, moving fantasy worlds.

La Caravane Passe
Freitag, 08.08.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

With a combination of sublime instrumental skills, street music and a touch of madness, the five Parisians have been conquering the clubs over the last few years, dishing up a linguistic and stylistic potpourri of the first order. Gypsy Roots meets French suburban rap, with a portion of ska, chanson, punk and a hint of electro-disco-rock thrown in – all catapulted with plenty of irony into the fourth dimension.

Samstag, 09.08.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

Erdmöbel can probably claim to be Germany’s most versatile singer-songwriter band of the last 20 years. From guitar-driven songs through experimental electronic beats to archaeological excavations in the depths of easy listening and global pop – Erdmöbel always show themselves to be sharp-eyed observers of the errant zeitgeist. Not only as perceptive lyricists, but also as light-footed funk and pop musicians.

Rodscha & Tom
Sonntag, 10.08.2014 // 11:00 Uhr  
Inside Llewyn Davis
Sonntag, 10.08.2014 // 21:00 Uhr  
A Million Ways to Die in the West
Montag, 11.08.2014 // 21:00 Uhr  
ArenAkustik im Volksbad: Manu Delago Handmade
Dienstag, 12.08.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

Manu Delago is regarded as one of the world’s best hang players. As a composer, he has thoroughly sounded out the possibilities of this new, steel band-like instrument and let it loose on a whole range of musical collaborations, from a world tour with Björk to jazz with Bugge Wesseltoft. He’s now on the road with his four-piece band Handmade, creating his own musical space in between electronic, jazz and pop.

Dienstag, 12.08.2014 // 21:00 Uhr  
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
Mittwoch, 13.08.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

The seven brothers who make up the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble are united by their own very special story. As sons of musician Phil Cohran, they are inextricably linked to the story of jazz in the 60s and 70s which they blend with the hip-hop culture of the 90s. In recent years, this combination has matured into some extremely powerful brass – a style they have been touring the world with for ten years.

Flogging Molly
Donnerstag, 14.08.2014 // 20:00 Uhr // Ausverkauft!  

For 15 years now, Flogging Molly have been two different things: on the one hand, the loud, energy-filled Irish Celtic punk rock band with its roots in L.A. and Dublin. On the other, they act repeatedly as the social conscience of an entire musical class. They sing quite pointedly on behalf of those who are excluded, suppressed or disenfranchised. There is a very clear vision underlying this punk and Celtic folk message – one which they rarely fail to drive home.

Gregory Porter
Freitag, 15.08.2014 // 20:00 Uhr // Ausverkauft!  

Since the release of his debut album in 2010, Gregory Porter has been dubbed the great new voice of jazz and R&B. His musical history goes back much further than that, though, and speaks in an amazingly warm baritone both of his time as a rugby player and of a past between race riots and the strictures of small-town life. Today, Porter and his band fashion all this into the most moving soul jazz heard for a long time. They were justly rewarded at the recent Grammys with the prize for the best jazz vocal album.

Samstag, 16.08.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

Canadian Ndidi has a long musical journey behind her, from British Columbia via New York and Toronto to Paris, where she is probably one of the most exciting blues/soul artists around. Precisely because she doesn’t sing pure blues, but mixes it with rap, soul, swing and electronica. The icing on the cake is her inimitable, warm and fragile voice. Sending shivers down the spine, she sings blues you could almost reach out and touch.

Sonntag, 17.08.2014 // 11:00 Uhr  
Sonntag, 17.08.2014 // 21:00 Uhr  
Only Lovers Left Alive (OmU)
Montag, 18.08.2014 // 21:00 Uhr  
ArenAkustik im Volksbad: Ólafur Arnalds
Dienstag, 19.08.2014 // 20:00 Uhr // Ausverkauft!  

Ólafur Arnalds astonished the world a few years ago with his avant-garde mix of smouldering, dramatically beautiful string arrangements, suspended between electronic beats. A history of hard-core drumming, tinkering around in minimal techno and creating sound compositions for choreography goes, too, to make up the Arnalds musical universe. And it is gigantic. Music simply to die for.

Dienstag, 19.08.2014 // 21:00 Uhr  
Anna Aaron
Mittwoch, 20.08.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

Anna Aaron is one of the most versatile musicians in Switzerland. In the few years since her debut album “Dogs in Spirits” in 2009, she has progressed from guitar-driven rock to gentle folk, taking in every musical terrain on the way. Her current album “Neuro” is based firmly on electronic rhythms and hovers like a darkly glowing spaceship in the wide singer-songwriter heavens.

Donnerstag, 21.08.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

Junip have been the best of musical friends since 1998, but it wasn’t until 2010 that their first album appeared. Vocalist José González can no longer rest on his solo-career laurels because Junip is different: a dark, driving, infectious sound combining echoes of Americana, post-rock strumming and experimental electronic krautrock. And over all this lies the very special, beguiling voice of José González. Junip are well worth the wait.

Freitag, 22.08.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

She’s been the big, angry voice of Nigeria since the mid-noughties, though she’s really caught between cultures, having grown up in the Niger Delta, discovered music in Hamburg and, together with her producer DJ Farhot, sworn allegiance to hip-hop-soul vocals. Her songs don’t just go down a storm on club dance floors; they get into your head and, above all, go straight to the heart. But then, her music should and must change the world.

kulturarena club im kassablanca: Freude am Tanzen
Freitag, 22.08.2014 // 23:30 Uhr  

Each of the three main acts of the long club night, The Micronaut, Mooryc and Joy Wellboy, treads its own path across the playing fields of electronic pop. With songs ranging from house-style bass to melancholy ballads, each has grabbed a piece of the domestic club and turntable action, re-defining the concept of pop music along the way. There is no unbreachable gap between club and pop, just a whole lot of great music.

Jarabe de Palo
Samstag, 23.08.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

For nearly 20 years now, Jarabe de Palo has been one of Spain’s outstanding Latino rock bands. The Catalans around songwriter Pau Donés are also keen, ironic observers of day-to-day events which they translate into their laid-back rock sound. Their latest album “Somos” is their ninth to date and pursues throughout the theme of who we are and who we want to be.

Flo Mega & The Ruffcats
Sonntag, 24.08.2014 // 20:00 Uhr  

Flo Mega and his band The Ruffcats are the new greats in German soul and funk. With their ironic rhyming texts dating back to their old hip-hop days and a phat band sound consisting of brass, bass and pumping drums, they dish up a German repertoire unheard of since Klaus Lage or Herbert Grönemeyer – swinging, ironic and deep, all at once.